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Weekly Prayer Points (26th April - 2nd May)

Sunday 26th April

For our church family at St Saviours as they fellowship alone or with their family.  That they don't feel apart, but find and enjoy different ways to worship and connect with our father God.  To be reassured he is in control.

Monday 27th April

The Coronavirus Pandemic. The fear and its effect mentally, physically and spiritually as it spreads unseen. That it can be controlled and managed swiftly.  That people will learn to be patient and adapt to their new circumstances.

Tuesday 28th April

For our new vicar. We are waiting until the Bishop is able to meet the final two candidates face to face. Please pray for patience for all involved in the selection process and that God's choice is abundantly clear to all involved.

Wednesday 29th April

For the Oasis family at church, many of whom live alone and are missing regular contact. Name those who you personally know and pray that are able to fill their time productively and find new ways to keep in contact with their friends, family and church. Pray for protection and good health, especially for those with underlying health conditions, that they continue to get their regular medicines.

Thursday 30th April

For our Government and local Councils as they react to the virus. For all those in critical leadership positions. That they make the right decisions managing the country and the localities where we live. Especially at short notice.  For those continuing to keep vital services going such as looking after homeless people, maintaining utilities and refuse collections.

Friday 1st May

Kids Church. As the children cannot meet, please pray for our church children as they adapt to new routines.  Because for some they are missing their friends, missing their activities and groups, finding it hard to get on with their siblings and family, if they don't have a garden to play in or the technology for their learning, but especially if they are anxious or worrying about the current circumstances.

Saturday 2nd May

For the NHS who are the frontline during the pandemic. For protection and wisdom in their work and protection from tiredness and the virus. Not forgetting ambulance drivers, cleaners, porters and the carers working in nursing homes, or visiting people in their own homes.  For their families who support them and maybe cannot see them at this time.

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Written by St Saviour's Prayer Team


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