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Monthly Prayer Points (August onwards)

Four weeks of prayer topics for God's family at St Saviours, Sunbury to use until a new list is created

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Sunday – For our church family at St Saviours as they fellowship alone or with their family. That they don't feel apart, but are finding and enjoying different ways to worship and connect with our father God. To be reassured He is still in control.

Monday – The Coronavirus pandemic now that the UK is over the initial spike. The enormous effect it is having on individuals as well as the country. That people will take care as the UK starts to have local lockdowns.

Tuesday – For our new Vicar, Rev Allen Bower as he plans to leave Tipton and move to Sunbury. For his fiancée Leah as they prepare to marry and their 5 sons as they become a new family. For moving away from friends, family and ministries to start a new life with us. The plans we have to make for their arrival.

Wednesday – For the OASIS family at church many of whom live alone. That they have been able to keep in contact with one another for support and enjoying keeping in contact with friends, family and church. Their monthly service broadcast online with members participating. That they continue to keep healthy and active, especially now that many can get out and about.

Thursday – For our Government and local councils as they continue to react to the pandemic. For those making critical decisions re lifting regulations, monitoring the situation nationally and locally.That they make the right decisions at the right time. For those keeping vital services going and maintaining utilities.

Friday – For Kids Church. That the children continue to grow in body, mind and spirit. For those who have found it difficult not going to school or seeing their friends physically. Especially as some will be changing school in September without saying goodbye to their old schools. Give thanks to the Kids Church leaders for the activity sheets they send out for each Sunday service and all the children who have already or are participating in our online services.

Saturday – For the NHS who have been the frontline throughout the pandemic. For their own strength, health and wisdom as they continue to work so dedicatedly. That although patient numbers are declining, they are prepared for whatever comes next. Not forgetting ambulance drivers, cleaners, porters, administrators, care homes and carers visiting people's homes.

Sunday - For our own church family. That they are enjoying new ways of worship and Bible study, but not giving up. Especially if they live alone or are the only Christian in their household. Give thanks for the worship team and pray for them continuing developing to play skilfully for the Lord as they deepen their own relationships with Jesus.

Monday – The Community Food Bank led by Donna Mason. For continuing provision of food, the direction it should be going in, unity and strength for the team, and continuing building relationships with the community in need. For the leaders and volunteers as there have been many changes during lockdown due to self isolation and people being furloughed .

Tuesday – For all the supermarket staff, delivery drivers, farmers and suppliers working as normally as possible to keep us fed all the time. That they can go about their work and be protected. That customers will respect them and their places of work.

Wednesday – For the victims of the virus and their families. For those in self isolation at home, for those alone in hospital and for those who mourn the death of a loved one. Especially for those who cannot participate in a funeral for their loved ones. We pray especially for the families and friends who mourn for our dear friends Margaret Hamilton and Karl Nobes. That they may find comfort in knowing that both are now with the Lord Jesus.

Thursday – For our churchwardens as they work so incredibly hard leading and running St Saviours during the interregnum. For the PCC as they continue with their responsibilities and meetings during this time. For all the church staff now working from home, but continuing with their various ministries. That they will know God's guidance. For all as they prepare for the arrival of Rev Allen Bower.

Friday – For our church youth, that they will all feel loved by God, to realise their God given gifts and have the courage to use them. For those awaiting GCSE & A level results, that they would have a peace about their grades and what the future holds. That God will continue to give the youth team wisdom and guidance as they serve the youth and use creative new ways to reach the youth through Zoom, You Tube and social media. For families to have strong relationships.

Saturday – For peace of mind for everyone who has had to postpone a wedding, baptism or other special celebration indefinitely.That their hopes aren't dashed as they wait, but they find strength in their patience. That as lockdown is lifted, they can begin to plan, even if it cannot be the same as they had originally planned for.

Sunday - For our church family at St Saviours as they fellowship alone or with their family. That they don't feel apart, but are finding and enjoying different ways to worship and connect with our father God. To be reassured He is still in control.

Monday – For those who are isolated as isolation is not for everyone. Please pray for those who struggle alone. A third of the population live on their own. Including some who suffer from depression or other mental health issues. For our church family to reach out to the lonely. For our pastoral team who continue to be available throughout the pandemic. For their wisdom on how to deal with any callers as it is not possible to meet in person.

Tuesday – For families who have been separated throughout. Different generations living in different places, those keeping away from vulnerable family members, emergency service workers living apart from their families to keep them safe, family members stranded apart. That they will find peace in this time and enjoy being reunited with people as they can now meet up safely.

Wednesday – For the church life groups who have continued to meet using Zoom, Skype or similar and the new online group. Give thanks for the fellowship, Bible studies and spiritual support continuing.

Thursday – For the Royal Family as they try to motivate and encourage the country through social media and now public visits to charities, the emergency services and similar.

Friday – For St Saviour's Men's Ministries. That they have continued to meet online throughout lockdown with innovative ideas and events. That God continues to bless, develop and empower our men and boys to be respected and valued as sons of God, to be more Christlike and to stand up to sexism, racism and oppression both inside and outside the church.

Saturday – For the Police and Military involved in the crisis. For strength and wisdom in their various roles. For the military assisting in hospitals, at test sites and with deliveries of urgent medical equipment and supplies. For the Police facing challenges with protests, overcrowding and outbreaks of violence. That they would have strength, wisdom and protection for all these roles. Pray for protection from tiredness and the virus. For their families who support them and maybe cannot see them at this difficult time.

Sunday - For our church family at St Saviours as they fellowship alone or with their family. That they are enjoying new ways of worship. Especially through social media, Christian radio stations such as Premier and UCB, or TV channels such as TBN UK.

Monday – For Christian missions continuing to work throughout the crisis, both here and overseas. Many experiencing a drop in income due to lack of contact with supporters and being unable to fund raise for their work. We think of Tearfund as some of our congregation work there, Watoto after their choir visited us in January and some of whose children are sponsored by congregation members, Open Doors working with persecuted churches and Christians, as well as other missions.

Tuesday – For our church staff team. Give thanks for how well they have adapted themselves and their ministries since lockdown began. That God will continue to use them during this time and they will glorify His name in their ministry. That they will have tasks to do even though they cannot engage directly in person with people.

Wednesday – For the Big Build project as plans continue slowly 'behind the scenes'.

Thursday – For the Women's Ministry as they continue to plan different events and meetings on line. For inspiration for the team, for the ladies and girls to be valued and respected as they develop as women of God, to be more Christlike and explore healthy Godly femininity, and to develop deep and meaningful friendships.

Friday – For the pastoral team to be able to minister to those asking for help in this time. For no one to be afraid to ask for help and for people to know spiritual help is available from church even though we are physically shut.

Saturday – For our congregation as they engage with neighbours and/or work colleagues during this strange time, to take opportunities to help and to witness even though we are isolated.

Sunday - For our church family at St Saviours as they fellowship alone or with their family again today. Give thanks for the media team who work tirelessly every week to produce the online services, that God blesses and ministers to all those tuning into our online ministries, that new people find the church online as they seek inspiration and understanding in the pandemic, that God provides the finances to continue our media ministries.

Monday – For everyone involved in planning the exit strategy nationally as well as locally. That as restrictions are eased, people respect the changes and continue to social distance. To prevent a further spike if at all possible. For the future knowing nothing will be the same and life will be different for everyone.

Tuesday – For each of us as we live very different lives to how we were before lockdown. That our faith will continue to grow as we learn to cope with the situation and adapt our lifestyles. That we will all come out of this as stronger Christians and closer to God.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121: 1-2


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