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In years gone by

A prayerful poem by Jim Devine

Dear Lord, In years gone by we were a Christian nation. You guided peoples’ lives, your word was law. Your name was freely used in conversations. We worshipped you in reverence and awe. We taught our children to respect and love you, At home as well as in their schools. As adults we set them an example. We all lived by and understood the rules. But Lord, what’s happened to our people? No longer do we ask for your advice. Our children go through school without direction. Some teenagers are anything but nice. There’s mayhem on the streets with knives and pistols, Crime seems to be for some a way of life. Alcohol and drugs become a habit. Which generate both violence and strife. So Lord, we sadly need your blessing, Your Holy Spirit to help us all to pray, That we resurrect the power of your presence In the hearts and minds of those who’ve lost their way, Amen


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