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The Emmaus Road

The actual location of the village known as Emmaus in the Gospel accounts is not now known for sure. There are at least four locations which lay claim to being the original.

But wherever it really was situated doesn't matter in the least. The fact that the events recorded in the Gospel of Luke happened is what matters because in one sense they mirror much of our own lives.

All of us, in a way, are on a journey to our own Emmaus. During our journey through life we talk over with others the events that have happened to us. We come to conclusions, we make judgements, we express good and bad feelings about our lot in life, we may even become disillusioned and full of doubts.

So rarely do we realize that we are accompanied all through our life, both the good times and the bad, by Jesus himself offering understanding, strength and most of all, love.

For some of us it takes but a short time to come to full realization and acceptance of his presence in our lives, for others it could take most of a lifetime.

But the fact remains, if we journey through life dwelling only on the negative issues and events, and forget what he has promised in the Gospels, (I shall be with you always, even to the end of the earth. Matt. 28.20), then we shall not easily recognize his constant presence with us.

But however we spend our time, looking for or ignoring Him, he will find us, often at the most unexpected time or in the least likely places.

And when we do eventually experience his presence our lives will be transformed and uplifted just as Cleopas and his friend were on that original journey to Emmaus, wherever it was.

Written by Jim Devine


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