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"Kingdom Marriage" Day 2

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Devotional Day 2

The term kingdom marriage assumes there is a kingdom. If there is a kingdom, then the assumption is there is a king. If there is a king, then the assumption is there are subjects over which the king rules. And finally, if there are subjects in the kingdom, the assumption is there are rules that they must live by. So, when we say kingdom marriage, we are referring to marriage operating according to the kingdom. A specific kingdom. God’s kingdom. 

Throughout the Bible, the kingdom of God refers to His rule or authority. Another word that scripture uses to describe His rule is sovereignty. This simply means that God is absolutely in charge of everything, and His kingdom also has an all-encompassing purpose—for everything and everyone to bring Him glory. The unifying and central theme of the Bible is the glory of God expressed through the advancement of His kingdom. And since marriage falls under His kingdom, then we can conclude it also exists to bring Him glory.

However, humans constantly resist giving God glory. Creation displays the glory of God every day, just as He created it to do. But humans seem to want the glory for ourselves. We want to do things our way, not God’s way. So many believers struggle in their marriage because they want God to satisfy their desires through marriage rather than their marriage bringing Him glory. They are more concerned with happiness, companionship, finances, sexual gratification and a plethora of other benefits that marriage brings, all while forgetting God’s divinely ordained purpose. In other words, they want God to bless their agenda rather than seeking to follow His agenda. 

But not a kingdom marriage. When a husband and wife model a kingdom marriage to a watching world by the way they submit to His rule, they help advance God’s kingdom, and He is glorified.


In what ways have our contemporary culture shaped your marriage toward an agenda of self-fulfillment? 


Psalms 103:19-22 Psalms 19:1-4 Romans 11:36 1 Corinthians 10:31 Reflection: Based on today's reading & Bible verses, what is one thing God is saying to you about your marriage?

Write this down and spend some time in prayer meditating on this, and think about any actionable points (don't worry if there aren't any).


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