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Info for Parents of Children in Year 5

We are really excited to be re-opening the church again from 1 November 2020. This article contains information about what we're putting in place to enable you to record church attendance for applications to faith schools for places starting in September 2022.

We've created an attendance sheet, which will need to be signed, at least once a month, and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that this happens. Bishop Wand accepts attendance from a parent or a child, so even if your child is not present at the service and you are, please ensure that your sheet is signed. We are not currently running any kids' groups, however, Hannah Welch, Jenny Welch or Jess Bray (kids' team leaders) will usually be available to sign the forms. If one of them is not at a service, please ask the welcome team leader to sign your form and then it can be counter-signed by a kids' team leader.

If you are on the church database then you will have been sent an attendance form via email. If you are new to St Saviour's then you will need to be added to our database to receive a form. Please email if you would like to start attending St Saviour's. If you are already on the church database and have not received a form then please email

We will be unable to sign the Bishop Wand admissions forms next year without a completed attendance record, even if you have attended the service, so please don't wait to get in touch!

We're asking people to book in advance to attend the in-person Sunday services and we're currently limiting places to 40. Please book early to ensure that you'll be able to come at least once a month. Bookings will open at 2pm on the Sunday and close at 9am on the Thursday before the service.


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