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Weekly Prayer Points (3rd - 9th May)

Sunday 3rd May

For our church family. That they are enjoying new ways of worship and bible study and not giving up.  Especially if they live alone or are the only Christian in their home.

Monday 4th May

The Community Food bank as it still aims to feed those who cannot afford to feed their households locally. Especially those who normally received help with school lunches or have lost their jobs and income. That sufficient supplies will come in and that the teams will keep healthy. For their work with Spelthorne Council as they all adapt to the changing circumstances. Praise God for extra donations from cafes, supermarkets, hotels and the catering industry.

Tuesday 5th May

For all the supermarket staff, delivery drivers, farmers and suppliers working as normally as possible to keep us fed all the time.  That they can go about their work and be protected. That customers will respect them and their places of work.

Wednesday 6th May

Remember the victims of the virus, for those in self isolation at home, for those alone in hospital and for those who mourn the death of a loved one. Especially for those who cannot participate in a funeral for their loved ones.

Thursday 7th May

The Churchwardens as they have much to deal with re the leadership and running of the church in the interregnum. Including selecting a new vicar! For the PCC as they still have responsibilities and meetings during this time.  For the church staff unable to continue their jobs as normal whilst St Saviours is shut.  That they will be able to work from home where possible and continue to serve God as he guides.

Friday 8th May

The Church Youth – For them to trust in God and continue to grow their faith. For their anxieties around their GCSEs and A levels because the exams are cancelled this year. For correct assessments by their teachers so that they can pursue their chosen studies and careers. For their friendships not to suffer due to the isolation and for their own personal development in these uncertain times.  That they will all experience inner peace, but feel free to speak out if they are feeling stressed.  For wisdom and discernment for Sonia, Sarah and their team to continue  connecting with our youth without face to face contact.

Saturday 9th May

For peace of mind for everyone who has had to postpone a wedding, baptism or other special celebration indefinitely. That their hopes aren't dashed as they wait, but they find strength in their patience.

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Written by St Saviour's Prayer Team


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