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Weekly Prayer Points (12th - 18th Apr)

Sunday 12th April Easter Sunday - For our St Saviour’s church family finding new ways to celebrate Christ's resurrection. Hallelujah, He is risen! He is risen indeed! Enjoy some new worship on Christian radio or TV or St Saviour’s Online.

Monday 13th April Isolation is not for everyone, please pray for those who struggle to live alone. A third of the population live on their own. Pray for any who suffer from depression or other mental health issues. Tuesday 14th April

The Church Youth – For them to trust in God and continue to grow their faith. For their anxieties around their GCSEs and A levels because the exams are cancelled this year. For correct assessments by their teachers so that they can pursue their chosen studies and careers. For their friendships not to suffer due to the isolation and for their own personal development in these uncertain times. That they will all experience inner peace, but feel free to speak out if they are feeling stressed. For wisdom and discernment for Sonia, Sarah and their team to continue connecting with our youth without face to face contact. Wednesday 15th April Kids Church. As the children cannot meet, please pray for our church children as they adapt to new routines. Because for some they are missing their friends, missing their activities and groups, finding it hard to get on with their siblings and family, if they don't have a garden to play in or the technology for their learning, but especially if they are anxious or worrying about the current circumstances. Thursday 16th April For the Life Groups as they continue to try and meet using Skype, Zoom or similar. That the fellowship and support continues. That they continue to meet to study the Bible and pray. For the new buddy groups being formed for those not in a Life Group yet. That they gel and provide a source of encouragement. Friday 17th April For peace of mind for everyone who has had to postpone a wedding, baptism or other special celebration indefinitely. Saturday 18th April

For families who are separated through no fault of their own. Different generations living in different places, those kept away from vulnerable family and friends, emergency service workers living apart from their families to keep them safe, family members stranded away - even abroad. That they will find peace in this time and where possible, be reunited as soon as possible.


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