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Weekly Prayer Points (10th - 16th May)

Sunday 10th May

Another week of lock down! Pray for the St Saviours family to make some time for church today. For the families to enjoy worshipping together.  For those on their own to feel God's presence as they worship in their own way. For everyone not to feel tired or depressed by the continuing situation.

Monday 11th May

Isolation is not for everyone, please pray for those who struggle to live alone. A third of the population live on their own. Pray for any who suffer from depression or other mental health issues. For local councils and churches to help support the most vulnerable at this trying time.

Tuesday 12th May

For families who are separated through no fault of their own. Different generations living in different places, those kept away from vulnerable family and friends, emergency service workers living apart from their families to keep them safe, family members stranded away - even abroad.  That they will find peace in this time and where possible, be reunited as soon as possible.

Wednesday 13th May

For the Life Groups as they continue to try and meet using Skype, Zoom or similar. That the fellowship and support continues. That they continue to meet to study the Bible and pray.  For the new buddy groups being formed for those not in a Life Group yet.  That they gel and provide a source of encouragement.

Thursday 14th May

For our Royal Family as they try to motivate the country through social media and similar. For our Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they too are classed as vulnerable.

Friday 15th May

For our schools in lockdown. For the teachers as they send out learning materials that is appropriate for their pupils and make informed decisions around the potential grades for GCSEs and 'A' level students.  For continuing motivation for the teachers and pupils.  For those who change classes and schools during the lockdown.  For wisdom for the government around the correct time to reopen all schools and colleges.

Saturday 16th May

For the Police and Military involved in the crisis. For strength and wisdom in their various roles, especially the soldiers being brought in to support the Police, NHS and local authorities. For protection from tiredness and the virus. For their families who support them and maybe cannot see them at this time.

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Written by St Saviour's Prayer Team


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