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Volunteer Week: Community

We are so thankful for all our volunteer's who serve across all our different ministries, and today we wanted to highlight one of our long-term Community Team volunteer's, Vee Lipscombe. Vee serves refreshments at Community Foodbank.

1. What is a typical day look like?

I would normally serve the community with tea, coffee and pastries. I would then organise surplus and head up the distribution to our community. I also help with packing down.

2. What made you want to volunteer? 

I started coming to Community Lunch and wanted to be part of the team.

3. What sort of qualities/skills do you need to volunteer?

Patience, communication and understanding.  

4. What has been one of your favourite moments volunteering?

Getting my NVQ's and First Aid certificate! I love helping the community and being part of a team, supervising refreshments.  

5. Why do you think it’s important to serve within the church

I have a relationship with Jesus and so has my partner. I had lost my faith due to years of abuse and now we both know Jesus is always there for us.

6. What have you learnt through volunteering?

Volunteering has help both of us. It has improved my confidence and I have made real friends. I used to believe I was stupid and people would tell me that often but since being at St Saviour's I know I’m not any of those things. I know I am capable of much more. I have learnt to trust again and volunteering gives me a break as I am a full time carer for my partner.

7. What would you say to someone who wanted to volunteer in the team?

I would say that it’s a great experience. I would explain what Community Foodbank is plus I would tell them all the great things I have achieved and that I now have something to put on a CV.

Interviewed by Donna Mason, Foodbank Manager


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