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National Marriage Week 2020

UK National Marriage Week 2020 11th – 17th May

This year’s theme is an invitation to reflect on your relationship now, to take stock, to ask where it’s going and what the future might look like whether you’re married or in a relationship. And if you’re single and aspire to a forever relationship, we invite you to join the conversation too.


Honouring our marriages

Its National Marriage Week and we want to take some time to reflect and inject some focus into the marriages in our church (this week and beyond).

We are a church who believes that marriage is a vital relationship, has a significant part to play in society and also helps us to further understand the dynamic between Christ and the church (his bride). See - Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31-32, Matthew 25:1-13, Revelation 19:7-8, Revelation 21:1-2

Marriage is a beautiful and powerful union and God gives us a purpose and a framework for it. Whilst it can be the most challenging relationship we enter into, it can also bring the greatest joys. Let's decide to take some time this week and breathe new life into our marriages, whether there is much to work on, or too much to celebrate!

Kingdom Marriage devotional

With the above in mind we are encouraging married and engaged couples to pray, speak over and devote time into their marriages this week through a 5-day devotional entitled "Kingdom Marriage" (by Dr Tony Evans):

Marriage comes with great joys and great challenges. One of the reasons for the challenges is because we have lost sight of the Biblical purpose of marriage. We have removed God and defined marriage in terms of happiness. But marriage exists to glorify God by expanding His reach throughout the world. In this five-day reading plan, Dr. Tony Evans takes you on a journey of kingdom marriage. You can sign up to the plan via YouVersion/Bible App or if you’d prefer, you can simply check our blog this week and we’ll make a copy available each day, starting Tuesday 12th May. In addition, we’re also signposting to some phenomenal marriage resources below, and top of the list is The Marriage Course Online (HTB) - which is a free resource (during lockdown) and we’d highly recommend signing up.

Have a look below, visit the links, grab a a copy of the books and go for it. We're cheering you on! St Saviour’s Sunbury


Marriage Resources

1. The Marriage Course Online (HTB) – FREE

Strengthening Connection, The Art of Communication, Resolving Conflict, The Power of Forgiveness, The Impact of Family, Good Sex, Love in Action

2. Marriage Today (Online) Jimmy and Karen Evans have encouraged and coached countless couples in building rewarding marriages and healthy homes.

YouTube: 3. The Marriage Book, Nicky and Sila Lee ISBN 9781905887392 Practical advice on what builds a strong marriage for engaged and married couples and for those wanting to explore marriage.

4. The Meaning of Marriage, Timothy and Kathy Keller ISBN 9781444702156 Looks at the purposes of marriage from a Christian perspective and shows how the challenges that marriage presents us with can lead to personal growth

5. The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman ISBN 9781881273158 The seventh session of The Marriage Course (‘Love in Action’) is based on this concept of the different ways people feel loved. Highly recommended for any couple

6. Boundaries in Marriage, Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend ISBN 9780310243144 Takes the principles of boundaries and applies them to the marriage relationship 7. I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah, Ravi Zacharias ISBN 9780849908224 Bible scholar and renowned speaker Ravi Zacharias draws five points critical to the long-lasting success of every marriage from the biblical story of the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. 8. The Sixty Minute Marriage, Rob Parsons ISBN 9780340671450 Can be read in sixty minutes but covers the essential elements for a strong marriage

9. Created for Connection, Dr Sue Johnson and Kenneth Sanderfer IBSN 9780316307413 Includes the contents of best-selling ‘Hold me Tight’ but also shows how a loving connection in marriage is mirrored by our relationship with God. Helps couples to know what is involved in establishing, re-establishing or strengthening a safe emotional connection with their partner

10. Anger: Handling a powerful emotion in a healthy way, Gary Chapman ISBN 9780802467775 Gives an understanding of the nature, role and dangers of anger in relationships and how to use and control it effectively

11. Seasons of Sex & Intimacy for a Husband and Wife in Marriage, Emma Waring ISBN 9780993536670 A practical guide exploring how our bodies are designed to respond sexually and providing help for sexual problems couples encounter

12. A Celebration of Sex, Douglas Rosenau ISBN 9780785264675 Practical advice on how to build the sexual relationship within marriage

13. The Mystery of Marriage, Mike Mason ISBN 9781590523742 An honest and profound description of the benefits and challenges of marriage


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