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Musings on my dog walk

Today as I walked my dog, Arnie, around the field behind my house I took off my glasses for a few minutes just to let daylight into my eyes without the reactolite lenses. However, I am pretty much blind without them and everything is out of focus, all I can see is green; hundreds of different shades of green but I can't see any definition because everything is a blur.

When I put my glasses back on again and everything came back into focus I was able to see and appreciate things like the blades of grass, the yellow dandelions and white daisies. Things that in everyday life we just completely take for granted and don't stop to see or appreciate because life is a blur. But when you look down at a field there are actually millions of blades of grass and tiny little flowers that we normally just see as a field. Not as all the individual parts. 

It made me stop (literally) and think about what we are going through now; the many things (and people) that we never focus on because they are just part of the blur of life, are now brought sharply into focus and we realise just how important they are to the field of life. 

To have time to see beauty in the small things. To stop and refocus. 

To look at people we maybe saw as the daisies or dandelions of life: who are now the most appreciated.  We usually take those roles for granted: bus and train drivers, supermarket staff, the police, nurses, doctors but also the cleaners; the teachers and childcare workers who inspire children and look after them every day. The lorry drivers getting food to our shops, the people who empty our bins and deliver our post.  We very probably didn't aspire to be a daisy; we maybe wanted to be a magnolia, a flowering cherry, a beautiful red acer or a tall palm tree. 

But maybe this period in history is giving us time to look at the whole field and see what actually makes up the majority of it, the blades of grass, dandelions and daisies.  And to appreciate all the people who make up that field, often trodden under foot, but still turning up and doing their jobs. And helping to keep the world beautiful.

1 Corinthians 12: 15

Written by Elaine Hand


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