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"Kingdom Marriage" Day 5

If you watch any military shows or movies, you’ve probably heard a general or soldier yelling, “They’re trying to flank us!” In military tactics, this is where the enemy will try to attack from the side or from behind. The reason troops don’t want to get flanked is because it forces them to divide their defences. 

Satan uses these same tactics against your marriage. Let me say it this way, he seeks to divide and conquer. He knows that a when a couple is not unified, he can take them out more easily. However, when a couple is operating in biblical unity, they can stand firm against Satan and defeat him.

But what is unity? Unfortunately, many people think that unity means “sameness.” This is not true. Unity is not uniformity—it doesn’t mean being just like your spouse. Instead, unity can be defined as any group of people who are characterised by a shared purpose, vision or direction. It’s not about being the exact same, but about advancing toward the same goal. Think about a basketball team. There are five different positions on the court. Each position is characterised by different skillsets, roles and responsibilities. But all five players shoot at the same basket because their goal is the same.

God doesn’t call us to lose our uniqueness as an individual when we get married. However, a healthy marriage is where the presence and work of God’s Spirit transcends our individual differences. This is unity, and unity is built from a shared commitment to defeat a common enemy - the devil. This principle must be understood, accepted and continually sought after if a marriage is to truly experience victory.

Don’t allow Satan to divide you. Rally around God’s Word, and through prayer, create a unified front against Satan’s attacks on your marriage.


What spiritual goals can you and your spouse unify around? 


Genesis 2:24 Matthew 12:25 John 17:21 Ephesians 4:3


How has todays devotional and this whole week impacted the way you see you and your spouse as a united couple?


Next step:

Re-look at our first post and think about which of the books/video resources you and your spouse feel drawn towards, go for it:

We hope you have enjoyed this devotional and we hope and pray God's richest blessings all over your marriage.


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