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"Kingdom Marriage" Day 4

In the movie Batman Begins, the villain Ra’s Al Ghul hid his true identity. He does this because he knows that he can do more damage, he can cause more chaos, he can destroy more lives when he works in secret. Batman was chasing the wrong villain. It isn’t until late in the movie when Batman figures out who the real enemy is, fights him and achieves victory.

Satan operates the same way. He is most effective when he works behind the scenes. He would love for others get the credit for the chaos that he causes. He would love for you to believe that he doesn’t exist because then you would think the real villain is your spouse. When marriages get chaotic, one spouse typically blames the other. That’s exactly what the devil wants. Basically, when you view your spouse as the enemy and disregard Satan as the true villain, you are getting duped! And when this happens, you will react to your spouse negatively instead of realising that Satan is trying to destroy God’s plan for your marriage. 

You must realise that Satan wants to destroy your marriage. Not just for the sake of ruining it, but because by dismantling it, he’ll also demolish your legacy. He doesn’t just want your marriage; he wants your family. He wants your children and grandchildren to come from broken marriages so that the faith won’t get passed on. 

If you don’t make the spiritual connection to everything that happens in your marriage, you will continue to fight the wrong battle. It’s not a physical war, but a spiritual one. And you will only experience victory in your marriage when you fight with spiritual weapons. In other words, put on and use the full armour of God. God makes these spiritual weapons available, but He won’t force you to use them. In your marriage, you must do battle God’s way, with His armour, against an enemy who is seeking to wreck it.


How can you and your spouse fight Satan together instead of fighting each other in your marriage?


Ephesians 6:11-17 2 Corinthians 10:3-5


Based on today's reading & Bible verses, what is one thing God is saying to you about your marriage?

Write this down and spend some time in prayer meditating on this, and think about any spiritual actionable points (don't worry if there aren't any).


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