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Kids Church 2017 recap

We’ve had so much fun in Kids’ Ministry this year at St Saviour's, over the year we’ve learnt The Lord’s Prayer in Makaton, explored the 10 Commandments, journeyed our way through a few of Jesus’ parables and tried out some of the Spiritual Disciplines - its been a busy one! Not forgetting the baptisms of some of our wonderful children.

As a team we have reflected on some of our favourite moments of 2017, a personal favourite was watching as a room of 30 children were able to successfully remember the whole of the Makaton Lord’s Prayer whilst I bumbled through a few seconds behind! 

Other team members have really loved exploring the Spiritual Disciplines and experiencing our children receive words and pictures from God, this happened in Mini Church too! These words ranged from the simple but vital knowledge that our children are loved by God to some dreams and visions for the future. After one of our children shared a vision God had given him during a car journey one of our girls realised that God was talking to her and He was for Children too! 

I was so proud of your children during the Nativity, they were absolutely wonderful and worked so hard to achieve so much - it was the donkeys that were stubborn and wouldn’t do what we wanted them to! Its an absolute pleasure working with all of your children, walking with Jesus together and learning more about God with them every week.

Bring on 2018!

Abi Bates Kids Pastor


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