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God is... Summer Sunday Evening Series

All the following words link with Julie's talk (part of the Summer Sunday evening series) premiered on YouTube on 2 August, and the cartoons that go with this talk are found in "God is... theology for cats and other creatures" by Roy Mitchell

Creator Sustainer Provider

Merciful Longing to be worshipped Lord

A shoulder to cry on Burden carrier Ready to forgive

Unshockable Slow to anger Not an ogre

Too big for words Refuge Love

Judge Teacher Worth studying

Looking for full time followers Never off key Sometimes sad

Able to turn negatives to positives Friend Father

Comforter Eternal Fortress

Solid rock Not a trivial pursuit Endless resource

Greatest author To be taken seriously Greatest artist

Interested in you An open door Always there

Patient Never too busy to listen Kind

Not asleep The light of our lives Good News

A hero worth worshipping Not at arm's length Powerful

Willing to change you The master potter All-seeing

All-knowing Everywhere Our refreshment

Committed to us The wind in our sails Our guide

The main ingredient Our life support system Our life saver

Wanting to speak to you Longing to be involved Inspiration

The shelter in the storm Too big to put in a box High and mighty

Delighted by our praise The beginning and the end Never boring

by Julie Couchman-Boor


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