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God heals (and makes radiographer cry)

Today I want to praise God loudly and say THANK YOU!

I have had a constant pain in my lower abdomen for a couple of months. I decided to ask people to pray for me. The next day the pain was GONE!!!

I have just had a scan that proved that to be so! It showed I was just fine inside (and also that I am now officially an old lady but hey ho you can’t have it all).

ALL the glory goes to God and thank you faithful friends for loving me enough to stop and pray - prayer is the best gift you can give someone.

I was also able to share with the radiographer that God had healed me through prayer. I told her she was deeply loved by God (gave her chocolate because I am still 2 days behind in my lent 40 acts!) and she said that she already had a relationship with Him and asked if she could hug me and thanked me for coming to her today because had really enjoyed me being there.


God you are awesome and I love you. 

Rowena Cross Director of Mission, Evangelism & Discipleship


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