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A Prayer Poem

Dear Lord,

Though the journey of my life has been with you as my companion,

My early life was spent quite unaware.

I had no knowledge of your love, your constant guiding presence,

The help I could have summoned with a prayer.

But you Lord have been with me and with me more today

Then ever I envisaged in my youth.

I talk to you, give praise to you and thank you for your help.

I read your word forever seeking truth.

The joy I feel with life today originates with you

And knowing that you're with me every day.

Your spirit deep within me has made changes to my heart;

Has made me realise you are the way.

Others too have helped me Lord along this path of prayer.

My debt to them is only known to you.

They've prayed for me, encouraged me, and when the path was rough

They've carried me with love to see it through.

So Lord, I can but pray for them and thank them for their love,

And ask that you will guide them on their way.

Give me strength and wisdom Lord, to pass on your good news

To others that I meet from day to day.

Jim Devine


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